Photos show 'decoupled' train stranded after splitting outside Leeds Station

This is the train that caused hours of delays for Leeds passengers today.

The Northern service from Manchester Victoria was approaching Leeds this afternoon when its two units 'decoupled' near the station at 3.15pm.

Around 40 passengers were evacuated across the tracks to platform seven, and the train was then moved into the station in two separate parts.

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Despite the tracks being cleared by late afternoon, there were residual delays on most lines until 9pm.

Photos from the inside of the station show huge crowds of travellers trying to cram onto the few trains that were running.

The scenes were described as 'chaos' and 'mayhem'.

Nobody was injured and the Rail Accident Investigation Branch has been informed of the incident.

Alex Hargreaves, from Horsforth, took these images of the stranded train.

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