Zucco Leeds thanks 'crazy generous' customers for raising more than £7,000 in under 24 hours for destroyed restaurant

Zucco Leeds has thanked its 'crazy generous' customers who have raised more than £7,000 in less than 24 hours for the restaurant destroyed in a horror crash.

By Immy Share
Wednesday, 26th May 2021, 7:34 am
The aftermath damage at Zucco restaurant in Meanwood (photo: Gary Longbottom)
The aftermath damage at Zucco restaurant in Meanwood (photo: Gary Longbottom)

The owner of the Meanwood Road restaurant took to social media to thank its customers after the crash "just couldn't have come at a worse time".

They added that they "never thought they'd ever be in this position and would never want to ask for this".

The Facebook post assured customers that the restaurant is insured but that it is currently unknown what would be covered - "especially with bookings full for the next few weeks".

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The Zucco owner said how lucky they were that it hadn't happened when they were open, and hopes to be back open within the next few weeks.

They praised customers for how much Zucco "means to the community" and said fundraising would help to speed up reopening and pay staff "full wage" after having missed out enough over the past 18 months.

The full social media post said: "I've just woken up after being up all night to find out how crazy generous all our customers have been, thank you all so much for all the money everyone has raised, I never thought we’d ever be in the position and we would never want to ask for this!

"We’re hoping insurance will cover a large amount of the costs, we are insured but we still have to wait to find out what they’ll pay out for, especially with our bookings being full for the next few weeks, it just couldn’t have come at a worse time I’m glad to see how much Zucco means to the community and this will help us to speed up the reopening and to help pay staff they’re full wage as they’ve missed out on enough during the last 18 months!

"We are just so lucky that this happened at 3am and not when we were open, thank you all for everything and hopefully we’ll be back open within the next few weeks!"

The fundraiser was set up by head chef at Zucco Jack Richards 28, who has worked at the restaurant for the past three years.

He wanted to support his bosses who have been left devastated by the crash.

Customers had already raised £1,500 within a matter of hours and are now close to the £7,500 mark in less than 24 hours after the page was set up.

Speaking to the YEP, Jack said: "I’ve been working here almost three years now as head chef.

"The reaction to the fundraiser has been phenomenal to say the least so far, I knew we’d have support as so many people were asking for us to set a donation page up but our owners really didn’t want to, hence the reason I did it myself.

"They deserve it, they’re not just our bosses, they’re like family to all of us."

The crash happened just before 3.30am on Tuesday when police were called to reports that a white BMW had crashed into the restaurant building.

A 'heartbroken' team at Zucco in Meanwood shared pictures of the damage on their Facebook page later on Tuesday morning, receiving more than 800 messages of sympathy.