Young people bury time capsule outside new children's mental health unit Red Kite View in Armley

A group of young people have buried a time capsule with touching mementos outside the new mental health unit in Armley.

The capsule was buried beside a tall willow tree on the site of the £20million new mental health unit, Red Kite View.

The objects inside the capsule were created by young service users of the futuristic building which is set to be home to the Children and Young People’s Mental Health Service (CYPHMS) for West Yorkshire.

It will be opened by the Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust later this year.

Deputy Chief Executive Dawn Hanwell and Operations Manager Nik Lee bury the time capsule at Red Kite View

The objects were chosen to mark the past and celebrate the future of the service.

They include a staff ‘family tree’, a painted Covid face mask, a collage of today’s fashions, current coins, and a crocheted ‘2021’ on a sunflower.

Dawn Hanwell, Deputy Chief Executive of the Trust, said: “This building and this service is all about young people, and so it’s very appropriate that they should have chosen the items that have gone into the capsule. The items won’t see the light of day for 50 years – but they are a thoughtful and very touching representation of how our young service users see how we work with them.

“Red Kite View will be more than just a building. The service helps young people with complex mental health issues, and aims to help them return to the community where young people should be, living their lives and thriving.”

Sophie Brown, activities co-ordinator for the service, said the young people felt proud to contribute to the new building.

She said: “They chose these items to give an insight into our ways and times to future generations.

"Our young people shared in laughter whilst making the objects and expressed an interest in how the new unit would be run in 50 years time.

"Some even expressed a wish to be present when the capsule is eventually opened!”

The Children and Young People’s Mental Health Service (CYPHMS) is an provider of inpatient mental health services for young people with complex needs

CYPHMS is the only inpatient provider for the West Yorkshire area covering Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate, Wakefield, Kirklees, Calderdale and Craven.

The inpatient service is working closely with community CYPMHS across West Yorkshire so that inpatient admissions are seen as an extension of community work and not as a separate intervention

CYPHMS will be at the forefront of research and development in children and young people’s mental health, linking with local universities and partner agencies.