Woman describes moment she found suspected 'pre-chewed gum' in Leeds McDonald's chips

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A woman has described the 'unthinkably disgusting' moment she says she bit into some 'pre-chewed gum' after buying a meal from Leeds Station McDonald's.

Elle Harrop, 21, had finished some work training in Leeds and decided to buy some lunch from the fast food outlet on Thursday, August 1.

Elle Harrop (pictured with boyfriend Joe Rands) claims she found the chewing gun in her McDonald's fries.

Elle Harrop (pictured with boyfriend Joe Rands) claims she found the chewing gun in her McDonald's fries.

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Elle, a support worker, was waiting for a train back home to Thorpe Willoughby in Selby when she tucked into her meal.

She was eating her fries when she claims she bit on 'something hard'.

She said: "My first assumption was that I must’ve bitten on an over-cooked hard chip so I bit down to break it apart, and my mouth began to taste minty and it was sticky and stretchy against my teeth.

"Then I had a moment of realisation and spat it out into my hand."

The offending chewing gum.

The offending chewing gum.

Elle said she was 'mortified' when she discovered what she said was someone's 'pre-chewed gum'.

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Elle is in contact with McDonald's customer services team, but the company said it could not complete a full investigation as Elle had not kept the meal.

Writing on Facebook, Elle said: "I don’t want a free meal shoved in my face because this needs sorting, and the person involved needs disciplined or at least retrained!"

A McDonald's spokesman said: “Food safety is of the utmost importance to us and we place great emphasis on quality control, following rigorous standards to avoid any imperfections.

"Unfortunately as the item was not returned to the restaurant, the team were unable to conduct further tests and following a thorough investigation at restaurant level, we have been unable to determine the source of this alleged contamination.

"The customer is currently in contact with our Customer Services Team in order to find a resolution.”