Watch Leeds Topshop staff's heartbreaking TikTok video packing up store for one last time after ASOS buyout

A member of staff at a Leeds Topshop store have made this sombre video to mark its final days as they begin packing up the shop following the firm's buyout by ASOS.

Thursday, 4th February 2021, 4:29 pm

This week it was announced that online fashion giant ASOS had bought out Topshop and Topman, following its purchase of Debenhams, but that all Topshop stores would be closed permanently.

Now a member of staff has made a melancholic TikTok video to mark the occasion as staff begin the process of packing up the Topshop in Briggate for one last time.

Kirsty Mead, aged 25, put together the 'day 1' TikTok to show the process of closing down the store behind the scenes.

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Kirsty, aged 25, from Leeds, put out this video of staff packing up Briggate Topshop on TikTok

The Briggate shop is one of five that is being closed permanently in Leeds.

Kirsty, who has worked at Topshop for 7 years said: “We are all very saddened by the fact that Topshop will be no longer.

“For a lot of us we found friends for life and I will deeply miss working there. 7 years, many memories and a lot learnt whilst working for the business.”

The online retailer Asos has purchased the long-established Arcadia owned store Topshop, seeing the close of over 300 stores across the UK.

Asos will also be purchasing the Arcadia owned brands - Topman, Miss Selfridge and HIIT brands along with Topshop but these stores will not be opening again.

In November last year it was announced that the Arcadia group had fell into administration, putting around 13,000 jobs at risk.

Kirsty said: “Unfortunately the circumstances in which we found out were far less than ideal and heartbreaking for all of us but I wish everyone who has been impacted the best of luck.”