'They could have been smashed': Passenger accuses Leeds Bradford Airport staff of mishandling luggage

A Leeds holidaymaker was left shocked after suitcases were in disarray when his flight landed.

Tuesday, 5th November 2019, 5:00 pm
Updated Wednesday, 6th November 2019, 6:30 am

Sean Farnham, 20, arrived back from a holiday to Krakow at Leeds Bradford Airport at around 8am this morning.

After he went to collect his luggage from the carousel, Sean - a Pre-Loader at UPS & Security - saw suitcases strewn across the floor.

Despite his efforts to tidy the luggage up due to a 'lack of staff around', Sean said a staff member refused to thank him and threw the cases 'with more than reasonable force' back onto the belt.

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Sean Farnham

Sean believes some of the cases may have been damaged in the incident - which could have contained 'presents for family members' and essential items.

Sean said: "We arrived in Leeds and Bradford Airport, walked through security and as soon as we went to reclaim our luggage we had seen this.

"I took the photographs then started to take the cases and prams off the belt.

"As soon as I cleared most of the belt, one staff member had finally turned up and stopped the belt and cleared the rest of the luggage that had fallen."

The carousel at Leeds Bradford Airport

He added: "He was throwing the cases with more than reasonable force back onto the belt.

"I didn't get a thank you, then another staff member turned up which then we confronted to say that it was absolutely horrendous due to it being property and that some of the cases carry goods/presents for family members and friends that came quite far, then could be smashed up.

"He just stood there with a big grin on his face.

"He then said he "didn't have enough time to walk from outside to inside to get the belt".

The carousel at Leeds Bradford Airport

Sean accused the airport of being understaffed and said he will 'take the matter further'.

A spokesperson from Leeds Bradford Airport, said: “This was an isolated incident and we’re looking into how it occurred. We appreciate all feedback as this helps us improve our customer service levels.”