These 13 Deliveroo and Just Eat takeaways scored one or two stars for food hygiene in Leeds

You can get food delivered to your door by these Leeds takeaways using Deliveroo and Just East, either online or via their apps.
A Deliveroo cyclist (PA)A Deliveroo cyclist (PA)
A Deliveroo cyclist (PA)

But all have one or two star ratings from the Food Standards Agency and have been advised to make improvements to their food hygiene practices - the ratings system goes from 0-5 (five being the highest). Deliveroo and Just Eat have faced criticism for having sellers with poor hygiene ratings on their platforms. Both say they do not allow zero star rated restaurants. A Deliveroo spokesperson told the BBC: "Food safety is an absolute priority for our company and we know our customers would expect nothing less.". A Just Eat spokesperson said: "We are at the forefront of raising food hygiene standards across the UK takeaway sector."