The 'Burley Banksy' revealed: meet the Leeds United fanatic brightening up the streets of Leeds

Andy McVeigh - dubbed the 'Burley Banksy' - has become a viral sensation for his incredible work painting Leeds United kits and quotes on objects around the city.
One of Andy's designs - CC Andy McVeighOne of Andy's designs - CC Andy McVeigh
One of Andy's designs - CC Andy McVeigh

Despite being a self-confessed amateur, huge Leeds fan, Andy, 49, has spent the last 12 months coming up with creative designs to paint over graffiti or brighten up the dull electrical boxes and bollards.

Andy McVeighAndy McVeigh
Andy McVeigh

Andy - who never used social media before he started the project - now has over a thousand followers, eager to spot his next creation on the routes around Elland Road.

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Dubbed the 'Burley Banksy' by his friends due to his art-style and elusiveness, teacher Andy has no plans to stop and said he is always on the lookout for where his next design might come from.

Andy said: "I have done loads of different designs around the city.

"It has been a tough few years for me personally and I have found the painting really therapeutic.

A design created when Bielsa signed a new contract.A design created when Bielsa signed a new contract.
A design created when Bielsa signed a new contract.

"There are a lot of objects and boxes around the route to Elland Road which looked really dull so I just thought it would be great to see them looking a bit nicer."

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Andy - who funds the project himself and buys tins of paint from a large store in Leeds - creates designs based around famous or poignant moments in Leeds' history.

One of his first designs was for Gary Speed and he has also done one for the moment Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa signed a new contract.

Andy added: "I just scribble down ideas when I am sat having a coffee.

Gary Kelly and Tony Yeboah design.Gary Kelly and Tony Yeboah design.
Gary Kelly and Tony Yeboah design.

"I go to the football matches with my 15-year-old son who was mortified at first.

"He has come round to the idea now.

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"I have done around 10 Leeds ones so far, I just keep thinking of new designs."

Andy said one of the most positive aspects of his project is the incredible reactions from both adults and children who spot the designs on their way to watch Leeds.

He said: "I have seen children point them out while I was on the way to the ground and it is always brilliant.

"I painted the bollards next to the tunnel.

"I try and ask friends if they have any spare paint but who has bright yellow or blue paint?

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"I use pound shop brushes and by the paint myself, I am not an artist at all I just love doing it."

Andy said he is even more determined to continue painting after a horrific incident involving his father.

He said: "Last year my father was mugged in Leeds by a big group which police believed had been out tagging graffiti.

"It just gives me more determination, I think the new designs are much better to look at."

Andy has no plans to stop creating the designs.

He said: "Art is such a powerful thing.

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"I am always driving around ready to spot the next best place to paint a design.

"I have had people come up to me of all ages to thank me for what I am doing, which is brilliant.

"I just hope it brightens up the day of someone."