Our readers react to plans for a BMX pump track in Leeds park

Opinions were mixed in reaction to the news that a BMX pump track may be build in a Leeds park.

Wednesday, 7th April 2021, 5:05 pm
Updated Wednesday, 7th April 2021, 5:08 pm
Rein Park in Seacroft could soon be home to a new BMX pump track. (Pic: Google maps)

Leeds City Council will seek approval to build a hard-surfaced pump track on land at Rein Park and Kentmere Approach, Seacroft.

The plans have been met with a mixture of objection and support from locals, with some fearing the site could be misused by motorbikes, and other problems with antisocial behaviour.

Here is how our readers reacted to the news on Facebook:

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Tracey Willis - "There is already a track at Fernville - why not do that up? Why waste money building a new one in a smaller park?"

Christian Hobson - "Good idea."

Sarah Wilson - "Would love a track up at The Springs Thorpe Park next to the proposed football pitches. Would be a great location for one."

Andy Killingbeck - "Sadly I don't think the cost will outweigh the benefits."

Richard Dale - "Same council that flattened the existing jumps in the woods at Temple Newsam?"

Tim Draper - "Great for kids and families. There should be more of them."

Paul Carr - "Great idea, stops the kids hanging around shops and being bored or playing on the XBox!"

Mark Turton - "Great news for the local kids."

Darren Smith - "Why bother? It will only get trashed."

Paul Clark - "Should be one on every park instead of wasting the tax-payers money on other projects."

What are your thoughts on the new BMX pump track? What would you like to see built where you live? Let me know at [email protected]