'Next goal is Elland Road': The heartwarming moment a Leeds United fan left hospital in his football shirt after 131 days

A Leeds United fan who learnt to walk and talk again after his family said goodbye to him four different times has left hospital in his beloved Leeds football shirt.

Tuesday, 23rd March 2021, 4:45 pm

This is the moment Phil Taylor left hospital in his Leeds United shirt after a bleed on his brain stopped him from breathing and forced his wife to give him CPR before paramedics shocked him back in November.

Phil was taken to hospital straight away, and after being too poorly to be operated on for seven days, he suffered a 'massive stroke' post-operation.

His wife Shell and children were called in to say goodbye to him four different times, including on Christmas Day, but he has now beaten all odds and left hospital after 131 days having learnt to walk and talk again.

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Phil left hospital on Monday wearing his Leeds United shirt (photos: Shell Taylor)

Shell tweeted the video of her husband leaving the neuro-rehabilitation centre in Plymouth with the caption: "He did it.... He's home... 131 days in hospital, back where he belongs... Next goal is ELLAND ROAD."

Shell, who lives in Devon, said: "We didn't expect him to come out of there at all and we thought that would be a permanent home for him from now on, but instead he's learnt to walk and talk again.

"He uses a walker and his speech is muddled and confused but he is talking, and talking about Leeds United mainly.

"The doctors and nurses have told me he asks about how Leeds United are doing more than how his family are and he's asked me to take his football shirt to the hospital so when he leaves he can do so with the football shirt on his back.

Phil Taylor has been a Leeds United fan ever since meeting his wife Shell 33 years ago

"To be fair our relationship has been Leeds or nothing since it began, and even our dog is a fan."

Shell's dad was a lifelong Leeds United season ticket holder, and although living in Devon, the family have a base in Skipton for Leeds games - to which Shell says 'talk about football mad'.

When she met Phil 33 years ago, he was a 'massive football fan' but never had a specific team that he supported, but as Shell's dad was from Yorkshire and she had grown up as a Leeds United fan, it soon became apparent that their relationship with football was 'Leeds or nothing'.

Before her husband had left the hospital, Shell said: "Phil is an amazing person and I hope his story gives a glimmer of hope to others who are out there and struggling.

"Everything has been about Covid recently, and I'm not taking anything away from that but there are other people out there with other illnesses.

"Phil is always happy, always smiling, he's an amazing person and I just can't wait to get him home.

"It's been one thing after another with him but the day everything opens up and we can go back into that Leeds United ground, my god I can't wait to see the look on his face."

Shell also launched an appeal on Twitter to try and get a 'well done' video for Phil from the football team, but has not had any luck with her plea as of yet despite thousands of likes and hundreds of retweets.

The mum-of-two tweeted: "On 22/3/21 my husband will be coming home in his LEEDS shirt after 4 months in hospital, a ruptured brain aneurysm and massive stroke, 4 times we were told to say goodbye to him, He's learnt to walk and talk again, any chance of a well done from the lads.. Please MOT."