My COVID poem: Maths teacher forced to retire after terminal cancer diagnosis pens some positivity for us all

A teacher who was told by cancer doctors to retire and 'do what she needed to do' after being given two years to live has turned to poetry to detail her experiences of shielding during coronavirus.

Saturday, 20th February 2021, 11:45 am
Updated Monday, 22nd February 2021, 4:27 pm

Sandra Hudson, from Morley, has defied her prognosis after recovering from primary bowel cancer but is still receiving treatment for secondary lung cancers.

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Terminally ill maths teacher branded a miracle by cancer doctors as she opens up...

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Sandra Hudson is keeping her spirits up with poetry during coronavirus and cancer battles.

My COVID poem

If I told you a year ago at this time,

That going to a friend's house would be a crime,

You'd think I was going stark raving mad,

If that was true, I'd be so glad.

That pubs and shops would all be shut

And everyone would be stuck in a rut.

That the country would be in national lockdown

And Leeds city centre would be a ghost town.

The virus would affect so many stores

Even Debenhams, would have to close it's doors.

Can't meet friends to have a beer,

Or raise a glass to a Birthday cheer.

You can't go out and celebrate with a meal

Cos that's not part of the government deal.

You can only have a takeaway,

A weekly treat, I have to say.

Getting a haircut would be so cool,

Instead of using the dog's clippers as a tool.

Luckily friends won't see the bits I miss,

And so won't be able to take the p**s.

Holidays cancelled, not much fun,

I'd just love to have a week in the sun.

The virus can travel mighty fast

And going abroad seems a thing of the past.

Not allowed to travel anywhere,

Not even to the coast, for a breath of sea air.

In your area you have to stay

Can't book a hotel for a night away.

Groups of 6 were once allowed,

but now that's considered to be a crowd.

If you live alone you can form a bubble

And at least with loved ones, you can have a cuddle.

Lonely people would love a chat at the door

But not allowed in their gardens anymore.

Sports venues without a single fan,

Never thought that would be part of the plan.

Marcus Rashford, ensuring children get a good meal,

I can't imagine how their lives must feel.

Schools are closed, lessons are online,

Teachers and pupils having to manage their time.

Parents doing their best to home school,

Not sure how they manage to keep their cool.

Many people have had to work from home

On a computer, on Zoom or by telephone.

Some have lost jobs or been put on furlough

Will things get better? I really hope so.

Key workers don't really have a say,

They have to turn up each and every day

Risking their lives on the front line,

I really worry and hope they'll be fine.

Cleaners, delivery drivers, supermarket staff,

Their work no longer much of a laugh.

Doctors, nurses, those giving care,

Not sure how your mental health will fair.

We clapped for carers,key workers and the NHS,

Hoping they'll make it out of this mess.

Many people have had to shield,

Not even allowed out to an empty field.

Stuck indoors for most of the year,

Catching the virus is their biggest fear.

Cancer treatments been put on pause,

Not sure how much damage that will cause.

Over 100 000 deaths in the UK

Never thought that would happen, back in May.

So sad that so many lives have ended,

Not sure if relatives' hearts will be mended.

At least now we have some vaccines to roll out

And people so grateful, they would love to shout,

A massive 'thank you' to those in the labs

Who are working so hard to make those jabs.

We have been given hope, that soon all will be well,

I really hope so, but only time will tell.

We will never forget Captain Tom Moore,

A man the nation has grown to adore.

What an inspiration he has been,

His positive attitude the World has seen.

100 laps of his garden he managed to cover,

At 100 years old, he was like no other.

Always believe "Tomorrow will be a good day"

I really hope he has made us feel that way.

Good night Captain Tom as we lay you to rest,

We owe it to you, to do our absolute best.

We have to stick together, through thick and thin

And hope the virus will end up in the bin.

Wear your mask properly on your face

Before going into any public place.

Sanitise, wash your hands many times each day,

Remember on objects the virus can stay.

Always keep 2 metres apart

At least that way, you won't smell someone's f*rt.

Try to remember not to get too close,

As other people don't want a COVID dose.

PCR tests, lateral flow,

If you test positive, we need to know.

If you're told to isolate, stay at home,

That way the virus cannot roam.

Don't be one of those who breaks the rules

Or act like some of the stupid fools.

Stay safe, be careful, it's not a game we play,

Hopefully, our lives will be back to normal, one day.

Take care, things can only get better.

Sandra Hudson