Mum describes lock-in at Leeds cafe as confrontational boxing fans leave Josh Warrington v Kid Galahad weigh-in

The fight is due to take place on Saturday night.
The fight is due to take place on Saturday night.
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A mother has described the moment she was locked in a cafe as confrontational fans left a boxing weigh-in for the Josh Warrington v Kid Galahad fight.

Fans and supporters had packed into Leeds City Museum to watch the weigh-in of Josh Warrington and Kid Galahad in anticipation of their bout on Saturday.

The weigh-in was originally due to take place outside in Millenium Square but was moved to the museum due to the anticipated weather.

As the fans left the museum following the event, the woman said she was shut into the cafe without any knowledge of what was happening.

The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, said: "I had taken my children to the cafe after a hospital appointment for an ice cream and as we were entering I saw a group of men on the steps.

"I thought there was some kind of event on so we just went into the cafe as normal as at the time there was no shouting.

"We got some drinks and then gradually we started to hear chanting upstairs.

"A few other parents started looking uncomfortable and I noticed staff were looking agitated.

"The manager of the cafe had a radio and then two more people appeared with radios and keys.

"The chanting and crashes increased from upstairs and people started to stand up.

"We asked what was going on so that we could leave if necessary but staff said they didn’t know."

The woman said security were pacing the perimeter of the cafe and guarding the doors.

She added: "I demanded to know what was going on and a woman said that the police had been called and that there was a large fight upstairs.

"We could hear the fighting.

"Gangs of youths were starting to gather outside.

"I asked if we could leave and she said it was at our own risk and that they’d been told to lock the doors.

"There were only two members of staff to lock the doors.

"My child was repeatedly asking what was going on."

Both boxers made weight for the world title fight, Warrington coming in at 8st 13lbs 8oz and Galahad in at 8st 13lbs 12oz.