Meanwood girl inspired to recycle after striking amazing friendship with Leeds bin men

A little girl from Meanwood has been inspired to become a "chief recycler" in her family after striking an amazing friendship with refuse collectors in Leeds.

Three-year-old Leah excitedly waits at the door once a month to see the generous collectors, who often leave gifts of chocolate and sweets for her.

The friendship started when Leah moved into the area in May 2021.

Leah now collects recycling from around the house ahead of each visit from her friends.

Leah has struck up an unlikely friendship

"Friendly" Leah waves and greets the refuse collectors each time they are around.

Mum Melanie Dawn said: "They come every fourth Thursday as we only get monthly recycling bin collections.

"I believe it started just by her being outside playing on the first week they came after we moved in, as she’s such a friendly child she just started waving at them and saying hello.

"They came to talk to her and gave her some green recycling bags, which she was rather happy with.

Leah has struck up an unlikely friendship

"She then became chief recycler learning what went into the bags, and collecting things up around the house."

On the collectors second visit, one of the men remembered Leah and offered her a chocolate biscuit - believed to be from his own lunchbox.

"Then it just carried on from there, with them giving her little gifts every month and her eagerly watching out for them every fourth Thursday morning", Melanie said.

"A few times she has shared her morning snack with them, which is usually grapes and apple, which they’ve happily eaten."

Melanie shared the friendship on local Facebook forum Leedsplace and it quickly went viral with social media users.

Melanie posted: "The lovely recycling bin collectors have been again today in Meanwood, but unfortunately this little lady was still asleep when they arrived at 7-30am.

"Noticing she wasn’t on the doorstep yelling “hello” they knocked on the door and left these gifts for her.

"Such a lovely act of kindness, as unbeknown to them she is anxious about her preschool injections this lunchtime so is saving the sweeties for afterwards to reward herself for being brave."

Many loved the friendship.

One said: "Always amazing to hear a bit of positive news right now."