Leeds woman fears for safety amid claims stray golf balls from luxury hotel smash through car window and roof

A resident of a neighbouring street to a popular Leeds golf course fears somebody could be injured by stray golf balls - as she called on the club to change the locations of a tee to prevent further damage.

By Daniel Sheridan
Monday, 20th June 2022, 4:45 pm

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Gemma Park, 36, lives on Royal Birkdale Way in Rothwell - a street adjoining Oulton Hall Hotel Golf and Spa.

Gemma - who has lived on the street for more than four years - told the YEP she had asked the golf club to change the location of a tee after she claimed stray golf balls had smashed through her car window and damaged tiles on her roof.

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Gemma Park claims the golf balls have smashed through her car windows

She also claimed the golf balls had caused damage to her garage door and said she finds them strewn across her garden and driveway regularly.

Gemma said she had met with the hotel's manager in 2021 and she said that nets and new trees had since been installed as mitigation measures.

The Yorkshire Evening Post has contacted Oulton Hall for a comment.

Gemma said she feared someone was "going to get injured" by a stray shot and has called on the club to do more to stop the problem.

Gemma Park claims the golf balls have smashed through her car windows

"I have had four cracked roof tiles, two dents in my garage door and two smashed windows on the car within the last two months", Gemma alleged.

"I find golf balls in my back garden and driveway often.

"I report everything to the golf course and to the health and safety inspector.

"On June 30 last year, they put some nets up which clearly didn't solve the problem.

Gemma Park claims the golf balls have smashed through her car windows

"I had a meeting with the hotel manager and we agreed the only way to solve the problem would be to move the teeing off area but this has not been done."

Gemma said the course had recently installed new trees to help rectify the issue.

"They will take years to grow and will not solve the problem as there are already big trees there", she added.

"They are apparently going to put more nets up.

"I don’t feel enough has been done or quick enough and the nets will not solve the problem.

"I have evidence dated back from 2017 from all my neighbours too."

She added: "It’s very stressful coming home to all the damage and obviously not feeling safe in my own garden and driveway.

"I dread to think if a golf ball hits someone, that is my main concern.

"My partner has literally just finished cleaning his car when a golf ball hit the car.

"Someone is going to get injured, it really is serious."