Leeds to be the UK's first 'Women Friendly City'

Leeds is set to become the first 'Women Friendly' city in the UK.
Women's Lives Leeds want to make the city a safer place.Women's Lives Leeds want to make the city a safer place.
Women's Lives Leeds want to make the city a safer place.

The city has been awarded funding from Comic Relief to start work on the project which is thought to be a first so far for the country.

It will be a four year investment and while the formation of a 'Women Friendly Leeds' is in the very early stages it is an idea that was first muted two years ago.

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A full launch of Leeds as a Women Friendly city is set to coincide with International Women's Day on March 8 next year but it is thought the format will be similar to the Leeds Child Friendly scheme that has been adopted in the city for the last few years.

At the meeting it was said: "We are on the start of this journey and it is about having these conversations with lots of people."

The Women's Live Leeds group has previously spoken out on the subject of a Women Friendly Leeds and said: "This concept is about gender equality. Women are a marginalised group of the population and it is for this reason that this initiative focuses specifically on how we can make Leeds a safer and better place for women to live, and the issues and challenges that can prevent women and girls from realising their potential."

Some of the aims of the project would be to raise awareness in public of the rights of women and girls; to create an environment that facilitates the protection and promotion of the rights of women and girls; support local businesses and organisations to develop and provide quality services appropriate for women and girls; mobilise and empower women and girls to shape their lives and city and to increase gender equality by involving women in the decision-making process.

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