Leeds photographer captures stunning photos of Canada geese on River Aire at Kirkstall

These stunning shots of young goslings with their parents were captured by a Leeds photographer as he took a stroll alongside the River Aire in Kirkstall.

By Jasmine Huang
Saturday, 26th June 2021, 4:45 pm
Milo Chandler stumbled upon the family of Canada geese during a walk along the River Aire in Kirkstall.
Milo Chandler stumbled upon the family of Canada geese during a walk along the River Aire in Kirkstall.

Milo Chandler, a photographer and IT analyst for the NHS, had just replaced the ageing lens in his camera and hoped to take a few shots that evening to test out his new kit.

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The 23-year-old said: "I was walking down by the river and stopped to photograph a couple of herons that were fishing on the weir when I spoke to a lovely couple who asked me whether I had photographed the geese chicks yet.

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Fellow walkers pointed him in the direction of the birds, giving him the chance to capture a series of stunning photographs.

"I ended up actually laying in a row of bushes for about an hour, just sat watching them quietly."

Born and raised in Leeds Milo graduated from the Northern Film School as a film student specialising in documentary. He is also an alumnus of Leeds City College, where he studied

photography for three years.

Milo has been taking photographs since the age of around 10 and has owned more than 10 different models of cameras in that time. Despite this, he thinks that photography presents a technical challenge and he is still learning new techniques all the time.

The photographer spent around an hour tucked away in nearby bushes in order to capture the peaceful scene.

Varied subjects captured to date range from film sets and protests to the Chernobyl nuclear power station in Ukraine, with Milo adding: "If it exists, I’ve probably pointed a camera at it."

On weekends, Milo and his dad would usually explore the wildlife and look for breathtaking views so bringing a camera with him was a "no brainer".

With the sort of places that they were going to, he gravitated towards wildlife photography even though he finds it difficult and it is not his usual style.

Milo said he appreciates being able to "capture that single millisecond where everything lines up just right and sharing it.”

Milo first started taking wildlife photographs as a child during walks with his dad.

He added: "I’m also inspired by some of the past greats, especially in photojournalism who have taken some absolutely iconic images that give you such a clear understanding of how various events over the years have gone down."

While he truly enjoys working for the NHS, he hopes to eventually make photography his full-time career. Visit imakedocumentary.com to see more of his work.