Leeds mechanic spends 100 hours creating incredible festive light display outside house

A Christmas-loving mechanic from Leeds has spent a staggering 2,400 hours - the equivalent to 100 days - creating this incredible festive light display outside his house.

Friday, 6th December 2019, 5:00 pm

Steve Audsley, 49, toiled away in his workshop every night after work and all day over the weekend to complete the spectacle, which includes 100,000 LEDs.

The display includes a brilliantly intricate train, candy cane, rocking horse, snowman and reindeer as well as a magnificent 20ft tall Christmas tree.

Steve's clever design means the lights go on and off in a preset sequence to give passersby in Leeds, West Yorks, a spectacular Xmas light show.

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Steve Audsley's home in Leeds

The granddad-of-three said: "After putting so much time into the display it feels great to see the finished article now.

"I pretty much come home from work, have some tea, say hello to the wife then go straight into the workshop.

"I don't stop working at it until the wife tells me it's time for bed.

"Although its been a lot of hard work it hasn't been a chore at all, I have loved doing it.

Steve Audsley's home in Leeds

"And it's all definitely worth it when I see the smiles on the faces of the kids - they absolutely love it."

Steve said he was inspired to create a light show after going over to America and seeing how much effort they put into their own holiday displays.

"I think the American attitude to celebrating at certain times of year is fantastic," he said.

"They go all out for Halloween and Christmas and I really wish people over here put a bit more effort into it as well.

Steve Audsley's home in Leeds

"It's something that I like to do for myself but also that lots of other people can have fun with too."

"They absolutely love it out there and go really, really big.

"I think it's great to really go all out, it's something that I enjoy doing and that everyone who visits enjoys seeing. "

Steve started work on the display in his home workshop back in January and only finished earlier this week, just in time for the display to be revealed last night (5/12).

The 49-year-old estimates he has spent around 50 hours a week on it since then.

"I think the wife is glad it's all over, although I be starting a new one before too long," he said.