Leeds has been named as the UK's most loved-up city

We are a city famed for calling strangers 'love', but Leeds has now officially been named as the country's most IN love.

Thursday, 31st October 2019, 11:45 am

Leeds has topped the list by a country mile in a recent survey to find the most loved-up locations.

Rated on a series of criteria such as the number of babies born every year, sales of engagement rings and rates of marriages and civil partnerships, Leeds scored nearly ten points ahead of runners-up Newcastle.

Floristry company, Flowercard used the criteria to create scores out of 100 for how coupled-up each UK city was.

Keeds has been revealed as the most 'loved'up' city in the UK

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Leeds scored 73.4 out of 100, with an average of 506 marriages and 2,049 babies born each year per 100,000 people.

Other criteria Leeds was rated on included the number of romantic restaurants (36 for every 100,000 people), searches for "flower delivery" (260 per 100,000), searches for "engagement ring" (480 per 100,000) and searches for dating app Tinder (1,619 per 100,000 people).

Leeds' neighbour Bradford also made the top ten, with a score of 51.3.

Also on the list were Bolton, Brighton & Hove, Endinburgh, Swindon, Nottingham and Manchester, while Leicester was named the UK's least loved-up with a score of just 35.7 out of 100.