Leeds Gogglebox stars Izzi and Ellie criticised for #MeToo joke

Leeds Gogglebox stars Izzi and Ellie have been criticised for making a #MeToo joke during the latest episode.

Saturday, 21st September 2019, 2:07 pm
Leeds sisters Ellie and Izzi Warner from Gogglebox. Photo by Tony Johnson.

In the Channel 4 show, which aired on Friday, September 21, younger sister Ellie Warner made light of #MeToo by revealing that she had made up a game based on the movement.

While watching the 2019 World Chase Tag Championships, Ellie said that she had made up a game of tag in which participants had to grab each other's boobs or bums.

They named the game 'Me Too.'

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Ellie said: "I played Tag not so long ago... but we called it #MeToo and basically we had to chase each other and either grab somebody's boob or bum.

"And they were then it."

Older sister Izzi, who recently announced she is pregnant with her second child, responded: "I don't think you are supposed to make a game out of the #MeToo."

Viewers took to Twitter in outrage at the joke, which made light of the movement against sexual harassment and sexual assault.

One user said: ‘Can’t actually believe that woman on Gogglebox taking the p**s of the Me Too movement with her pals, chasing and grabbing each other’s breasts and shouting “me too” whenever they caught each other.’

Another tweeted: "#Gogglebox did she really just make a joke about the #metoo movement? Horrific. It is NOT something you should joke about."

Sharing that sentiment, another Gogglebox fan said: "That’s pretty horrible. Ellie made a game out of the #MeToo movement? It’s not a joke. #Gogglebox"

Another added: "#Gogglebox ellie and her sister are just vile and uneducated . Joke about #metoo? Why are they still on Googlebox?"

One fan ranted: "Those sisters are disgusting. One suggests sticking a **** in a gob to shut someone up and the other makes a grab a boob game out of the me too movement.

"They should be pulled off air. I don't offend easily to those two are vile. #Gogglebox"

Another added: "Ellie making a “joke” about the me too movement… after the way she treated her dog, why is she still on?"

However, one fan said it was not Ellie's responsibility but Channel 4's for airing the comment.

She said: "Ellie made a mistake saying that Me Too comment on TV but it was also the director and editors decision to keep that comment in the episode and air it on TV.

"It kind of gives Gogglebox and Ellie a bad reputation as a lot of viewers may have been affected by it. #Gogglebox"

Other fans rushed to the sister's defence, branding them "snowflakes."

One said: "Yawn. There was even a discussion between the two about how unacceptable it was. Get over it people."

Another added: "It really is called tig! Ellie will probably take some stick for the #MeToo thing but Jesus lighten up people, there is worse things in the world than a joke between friends. It’s not like they’re out doing it to ransoms!"