Leeds gives its verdict on this divisive Christmas vegetable - and the results might surprise you

Sprouts - do you love or loathe them?Sprouts - do you love or loathe them?
Sprouts - do you love or loathe them? | other
They’re often typecast as the villain of the piece, the most hated vegetable in the land and the only morsel left on the plate at the end of your Christmas dinner.

But, surprisingly, a new poll has revealed more than two-thirds (74 per cent) of people in Leeds admitted that they do in fact harbour a love for SPROUTS.

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A poll by Toby Carvery interrogated some of the most polarising aspects of Christmas, with the controversial cabbages just missing out in a list of the city's top three loves.

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Christmas decorations (90 per cent), Christmas films (87 per cent) and Christmas songs (83 per cent) proved the most popular.

In further proof of their ongoing rise in popularity the people of Leeds admitted a fondness for corny Christmas jumpers (77 per cent) – inspiring the creation of Toby Carvery’s very own knitted garment, perfect for roast fans everywhere.

Other Christmas loves included present buying (82 per cent) and mince pies (67 per cent).

At the other end of the scale, the office party was named the most hated Christmas activity, with under half (48 per cent) saying they actually enjoyed the annual knees up and the rest admitting they secretly dread having to spend time after hours with their colleagues.

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Anneli Fereday, marketing manager for Toby Carvery, said: “The survey results certainly surprised us, but it’s clear that everyone loves Christmas for different reasons and that is what makes this time of year so special.

“No matter what you love or hate everyone is welcome at Toby Carvery where you can feel free to load your plate up with sprouts and wear your Christmas jumper with pride.

“It’s the perfect place to find all of your favourite Christmas trimmings, and we’ll even take care of hosting the family, so you don’t need to worry if your festive cheer is running low.”

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