Leeds entrepreneur launches Black Label Clothing streetwear brand

Leeds entrepreneur Cameron Coid is launching a new clothing brand that will offer premium streetwear fashion at an affordable price.

By Gemma Jimmison
Friday, 1st May 2020, 6:00 am

The fitness professional has embarked on his latest venture Black Label Clothing at the end of last month after starting work on the brand last year.

His idea is for people to be able to wear high-end clothing without breaking the bank.

Cameron - who was previously a partner in another clothing brand set up in 2018 - said: “The idea with Black Label Clothing is to bring a premium high-quality brand to both men and women at an affordable price. Everybody would love to wear the top designer brands, but most people can’t afford to do so.”

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Cameron, 28, has been both the creative and operations director behind his label.

The designer expressed his desire to spread the message ‘Be Your Own Label’ - which happens to also be the company slogan - along with producing high-quality products and providing top customer service.

He added: “With Black Label we pride ourselves on being high quality from start to finish, from the materials we use for our products, to the designs of our products, and we also pride ourselves on the best customer service we give every one of our customers.”

From hoodies and tees to hats and accessories Cameron is excited to see what the future holds with his latest venture and he hopes he can spread his positive vibes along the way.

To view the clothing line, or to order, visit www.blacklabelclothing.co.uk or follow Black Label Clothing on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/blacklabelofficialclothing/?hl=en.