Leeds couple who created brand new quiz card game celebrate after sales rocket during lockdown

Grant and Jordanna Sanderson with Shot In The Dark. PIC: Alex Cousins SWNSGrant and Jordanna Sanderson with Shot In The Dark. PIC: Alex Cousins SWNS
Grant and Jordanna Sanderson with Shot In The Dark. PIC: Alex Cousins SWNS
A couple who created a brand new quiz card game are celebrating their success after their sales rocketed during lockdown - making them almost £150,000.

Grant and Jordanna Sanderson were shocked to notice their units sold had jumped 1,000 per cent as soon as restrictions to control Covid-19 were announced mid-March.

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The pair from Leeds came up with the concept for their Shot In The Dark game at Christmas 2016 after a tense family game of Trivial Pursuit.

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PIC: Alex Cousins SWNSPIC: Alex Cousins SWNS
PIC: Alex Cousins SWNS

Their game involves asking completely random questions - of which nobody would really know the answer - so all players can have a go at guessing and not just the brain boxes win.

The one with the closest answer wins points.

One of the questions in the quiz is: How many litres of paint did it take to paint the White House?

Or, what percentage of a Gregg's sausage roll is made up of pork?

Amazingly, Grant, a 30-year-old accountant, and Jordanna, a 29-year-old call centre worker, had been selling around five card games a day since it's launch at the beginning of 2019, but this figure has now jumped to a massive 200 a day.

Since lockdown they have sold 13,000 packs.

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It is being played on family Zoom sessions up and down the country.

Amazed Grant said: "We'd already been selling the game on Amazon and got some great reviews so when people started looking for quiz games it just went mental.

"No way in a million years would we have ever anticipated this would be a side effect.

"It is strange that our success has come on the back of such an unusual situation, but we are also pleased that we are able to provide a bit of relief from what is going on."

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After Grant came up with his idea four years ago he spent the next couple of years formulating questions.

He said: "I would look out for facts whenever I was out and if I saw something interesting I would note it down.

"I was just plodding along doing this when I realised I actually had enough questions to make this happen."

Jordanna thought of the great name and together they created a prototype by printing out questions on bits of paper.

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Amazingly they discovered the game, which retails for £11.99 on Amazon, was great fun.

They got a couple printed up and had their friends have a go - and it went from there.

Jordanna said: "What has happened to us now is brilliant, you couldn't make it up."

Despite their success the pair remain living with Grant's parents, his retired teacher mum, Janet, 59, and retired council worker dad, Gary, 63.

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"My friends are ribbing me that I will end up being a millionaire still living at home with my mum and dad," said Grant.

"We moved back here before the lockdown so we could save up for a house and so now we're still here."

But ever-the-accountant Grant maintains they are going to play it safe.

They are now planning to launch new games while they are enjoying their success.

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Grant said: "I realise this is an unusual situation and that this level of success may well be temporary, though we are hoping to make the most of it now so we can reap the rewards.

"I'm so pleased we have created such a good product that brings people together and can make people laugh."

He says he created his game when he started looking for something similar and realised it did not exist.

He said: "When you are playing quizzes, you are always going to be beaten by the one who has better general knowledge, so this game is a great leveller.

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"You can be beaten by your seven-year-old sister or 90-year-old gran.

"It's also good if you like your crazy facts."

As for Grant's dad, Gary, even he likes the game.

Grant said: "I think even my dad was a little disgruntled that he was winning all the time. At least now we get a look-in."


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