Kids caught selling mum's used underwear on the street for 50p to fund move to Yorkshire

Two sisters aged seven and 10 have been handed an award by a biscuit company - for their unexpected fundraising efforts.
Immi and Esme selling mum's pants on the streetImmi and Esme selling mum's pants on the street
Immi and Esme selling mum's pants on the street

Immi and Esme Fear, aged 10 and seven respectively, were caught red handed by their mum Laura selling her used underwear on the street.

The pair were selling mum's used pants and bras for 50p each on the street ouside their house in order to help raise money to fund a move to Yorkshire.

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The family were selling their house at the time and needed to raise funds to move to Castleford.

It was then that Immi and Esme raided mum's knicker draw, unbeknownst to mum, and flogged them for 50p each in a bid to help out.

It's unclear how many were sold or what the clientele was.

Now they have been recognised for a 'sweet at heart' award from Jammie Dodgers.

Laura submitted the photo to Jammie Dodgers’ recent ‘Sweet at Heart’ Facebook contest, which asked parents across the UK to share snaps of their kids getting up to hilarious, yet forgivable mischief.

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Lo and behold the underwear sale was rather successful, with Jammie Dodgers awarding the hilarious photo first place, winning Laura’s family a Center Parcs stay.

Laura said: “I discovered the girls getting up to mischief, when I heard laughter through the open window. I was taping up boxes, ready to move house and the girls had taken it upon themselves to go into my bedroom and swipe some underwear!

“My initial thoughts were laughter and to grab my mobile phone and take a photo! I looked out of the window and saw both girls wearing pants on their heads! When I asked Immi and Esme why they decided to sell my bras they simply said, "because you said you had too many clothes to pack.

“Immi and Esme are delighted to be selected as the winner. They think they are famous now and are so excited to have won a holiday for us all!”

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The Fear family are moving from Taunton in Somerset to Castleford in West Yorkshire.

Kate Needham, spokesman for Burton’s Biscuit, said: "Children can be naïve and sometimes outright cheeky when they create mischief. We felt Laura’s photo of her daughters selling off her underwear was a deserving competition winner! It really captured those moments all parents can resonate with, when they forgive their kids’ naughtiness because underneath, they know they have good intentions - or as we say – they’re ‘Sweet at Heart."