Incredible pictures capture the moment ultra-rare Hoopoe bird spotted in Yorkshire cricket field

These incredible photographs capture the moment an ultra-rare bird was spotted on a Yorkshire cricket field - thought to be the first time the bird has been in the city for more than 40 years.

By Daniel Sheridan
Saturday, 3rd October 2020, 4:45 pm

Hoopoes are found across Asia, Africa and Southern Europe but are a rare sighting in the UK.

Around 100 overfly their migration to Spain and Portugal each year, ending up on British coasts.

Danny Virr, 29, was lucky enough to capture the moment the bird snacked on a worm on a cricket field in Collingham.

cc Danny Virr

Danny, from Tong, said he had been busy working as a loader from UPS and unable to photograph the bird in the first days of rumoured sightings.

However, Danny said he got extremely lucky and managed to find the bird on the cricket pitch.

He set up camp for more than two hours on Friday afternoon to get the perfect picture - capturing these stunning images.

Danny told the Yorkshire Post of his excitement.

cc Danny Virr

He said: "The bird was spotted a few days ago hanging around a cricket pitch and has been hanging around for a few days feeding.

"Being busy at work I left it until Friday dinner to go and try my luck and my luck was in.

"The bird was still feeding well and still in the cricket field.

"To know this bird was last seen in Leeds 40 years ago and how rare it is in the UK, I think you can understand my excitement.

cc Danny Virr

"I stayed laid in the same place on the cricket field for almost 2 and a half hours until I had to leave to pick my little girl up from school, otherwise I would have been there all day!"

cc Danny Virr
cc Danny Virr
cc Danny Virr