How Rate My Takeaway's Danny Malin lost three stone 'easily' and vows to get healthier with kebabs this year

The Rate My Takeaway star shares his weight loss journey
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Danny Mei Lan Malin may be best known as a popular UK takeaway food reviewer, but over the past year he has managed to lose more than three stone “easily” since meeting his now wife.

This year he is one a mission to get even healthier – here’s how.

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Like a lot of you it seems like I’ll be donning t’old Lycra this new year in a bid to get healthier. Yes, I’ve been joining my wife in her personal training studio because I’ll need to prepare my mind for a year of charity challenges for Rugby League All Stars among others.

Danny Mei Lan Malin has shed the pounds for charity this year and vows to eat healthier in 2024 (Photos by Danny Mei Lan Malin)Danny Mei Lan Malin has shed the pounds for charity this year and vows to eat healthier in 2024 (Photos by Danny Mei Lan Malin)
Danny Mei Lan Malin has shed the pounds for charity this year and vows to eat healthier in 2024 (Photos by Danny Mei Lan Malin)

I’ll only get fit if it’s for charity – my recent abseil for Leeds Hospitals Charity didn’t go smoothly but I raised money, so the sheer terror of it was worth this old man looking like a falling Brussels sprout as I rolled down the side of Moda Leeds.

I’m also hoping to support a charity cycle ride down Leeds to Liverpool Canal for Andy’s Man Club with campaigner Jack Marshall and actor Chris Chittel aka Eric Pollard.

I definitely recommend signing up to a charity challenge to motivate you and support a worthwhile cause. Fortunately I’m not bothered about booze so at least I know I’ll feel snug sailing through January and I’ve refused my wife’s suggestion of trying Veganuary. I said for work purposes aka running Rate My Takeaway that I can’t do this.

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Apparently according to the Mrs, just adding a salad to my kebab won’t help me to shed pounds or detract from the meat, sadly. In all seriousness though, I know I need to get healthier for my mind and body.

While I couldn’t quit Rate My Takeaway, I’ve decided to film all of the episodes for YouTube in bulk at the start of the month. I can then spend the rest of the month eating healthier, getting active with my family and exercising a bit more, rather than just flexing my bicep as I munch on a burger.

My other day job is a bit healthier as it’s helping to run LDC Radio. Some of the other directors and hosts and I are doing a fitness challenge together this January. If I do it with others I’m much more likely to continue.

Despite my main job being a presenter reviewing fast food for my main channel, I am actually a qualified nutritionist and my Dad is a Slimming World consultant.

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Interestingly though a lot of “slimmers” watch my channel to enjoy seeing what I’m eating while avoiding it themselves. I like to think of what I’m doing as a service to the public.

Believe it or not I now only taste a little bit of each dish anyway. T’old cameraman is always behind the lens gesturing me to stop if he sees I’m indulging too much.

Nowadays though there are some healthier takeaways too but sadly nobody wants to watch me eat a rainbow salad. You can however ask for healthier options and many will do a slimmers option. I personally prefer a full fat takeaway or none at all.

When we’re having home made food we do eat a lot healthier. On our family YouTube channel Mr and Mrs Yorkshire my goal is to do a weekly cooking show where I’ll be in the kitchen making delicious dishes using the air fryer. I’ll be cooking up meat feasts and vegan versions for because my wife eats plant-based.

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I know since we met I’ve easily lost weight running around after her, trying new things and eating less fast food but most of all being happy. If I could give ultimate weight loss tip it would be to have fun.

Don’t wait to lose weight to enjoy yourself, keep saying to yourself “I love my body and my body loves me".

By Danny Mei Lan Malin (