HMS Prince of Wales Royal Navy aircraft carrier has Twitter banter with RAF-obsessed seven-year-old Leeds boy

Aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales has engaged in a light-hearted Twitter clash with a seven-year-old boy from Leeds over what is the 'best air force'.

By Immy Share
Tuesday, 16th March 2021, 8:06 pm
Jacob Newson is a seven-year-old RAF-loving boy from Leeds (photo: SWNS)
Jacob Newson is a seven-year-old RAF-loving boy from Leeds (photo: SWNS)

HMS Prince of Wales bantered seven-year-old Jacob 'the Pilot' Newson following a post by Prince of Wales' sister ship, HMS Queen Elizabeth.

The lead ship of the Queen Elizabeth class of aircraft carriers tweeted two photos of Apache and Merlin helicopters landing on the ship's flight deck and asked it's 100,000 followers to 'spot the difference'.

As a joke, Jacob’s Twitter account, @Jacob_The_Pilot, responded: "Easy...Neither of them belong to the finest flying organisation in the world."

The tweet was accompanied by a GIF of the RAF-loving Leeds boy winking while dressed in his uniform.

Second Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier, HMS Prince of Wales, was eager to defend its sister ship, and the account then replied to Jacob: "But those in the @RoyalNavy do boast the privilege of sitting during the Loyal Toast unlike those whipper snappers.

"We are in a far more exclusive club."

The two accounts then battled in some tit-for-tat Twitter banter over which air force was set up first, before their debate turned to space.

The youngster bantered with Royal Navy aircraft carriers on Twitter (photo: SWNS)

Jacob tweeted: "Okay okay, so you’ve got some pretty cool traditions in the @RoyalNavy but it’s time to bring the big guns out ...We have a Space Force #DropTheMic."

HMS Prince of Wales then responded: "You can't be claiming a Joint Command all for everyone knows they are called spaceships! @astro_timpeake of the @BritishArmy was the first of us into space."

Jacob's account had the last word with his final tweet in the thread which said: "Spaceship in Star Trek maybe but to us Space experts... I don’t like to talk about Tim, he’s been ignoring me for years despite my daddy being an ex pongo.

"Joint Command? Everyone knows it’s the RAFs baby, we just let others join in because #SharingIsCaring."

It was accompanied with a screenshot of a Google answer on whether 'spaceship and spacecraft is the same'.

The RAF-obsessed schoolboy, who hopes to become a pilot when he's older, has done multiple charity walks and has raised more than £30,000 for the RAF Benevolent Fund.

Jacob's Twitter account has more than 5,000 followers and is run by his dad, and the account's bio reads: "I saluted @airtattoo, the @rafredarrows saluted back! Follow my amazing adventures as I raise money for @RAFBF & say thank you to the RAF. Join #TeamJacob today."