Full list of surnames of unclaimed Leeds estates which could mean you are a long lost heir

More than £77m worth of inheritance is still left unclaimed in UK estates.

By Rebecca Marano
Wednesday, 19th January 2022, 4:45 am

Figures obtained from the UK government’s treasury solicitor shows 7,090 estates remain unclaimed, analysis from Investing Reviews shows.

According to data from the Office for National Statistics, the median amount of inheritance received by individuals is £11,000.

The list of unclaimed estates held by the Treasury Solicitor was last updated on January 18, 2022.

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Every year hundreds of people in the UK die without a will, leaving behind their property, money and other possessions as unclaimed estates.

Records published by the Treasury have revealed that there are 151 unclaimed estates with links Leeds.

Every year hundreds of people in the UK die without a will, leaving behind their property, money and other possessions as unclaimed estates.

If a blood relative cannot be found, and the dead person’s assets are worth more than £500, their estate will pass to the Crown.

Long lost relatives of the deceased people – potential heirs to their estate – have 30 years to make a claim to the Bona Vacantia division (BVD) of the Government Legal Department, which keeps the assets in limbo on behalf of the Crown.

How to check the list and make a claim

The full list of unclaimed estates in England and Wales is here.

The BVD handles unclaimed estates in England and Wales, except where the estate is held by the Duchies of Cornwall and Lancaster – that’s if the estate is in Cornwall or the historic county palatine of Lanaster

Anyone who thinks they have a claim can send in a family tree showing how they are related to the person who died, including the dates of birth, marriage and death of all those on the tree.

The BVD will then ask for extra documentary evidence if they think they may be entitled to a claim

Here is a list of the people who were born or died in Leeds. If you recognise their name then you could be entitled to claim their estate.

The most common surname was Smith, followed by Jones and Taylor.

List of unclaimed estates in Leeds:

Michael Avalon

John Barbour

Alice Louise Batchelor

Maurice Raymond Beaumont

Georg Belaj

Nora Ava o/w Ava Nora Birkett

David Blair

Claretta Theodora Browne

Henryk Bryll

Timothy Burnham

Roland Burton

Michael Clifford

Ida Inga Cooke

Michael Craig

Peter Crawley

Hilda Cromack

William John Curtis

Withold Czepello

Jan Czyz

Elphinton Davies

Eileen Mary Davis

Mary Devlin

Grace Dickinson

James Dingle

John Dolan

Patrick Duggan

Janis Dzenis

Thomas Ellis

Martin John Fiscor

William Garnett

Dugal Gillies

John Gilmore

Bernard Gilroy

Malcolm Paul Goodson

Margaret Emma Grant

Margaret Hanney

Gwendolyn Hart

Sarah Hartley

Ethel Henderson

Peter Clarke Higgins

Ronald Howard

Nathan Isaacs

Marie Jackson-Ward

Peter James

Henry Jones

Mary Jones

Owen Jones

Terence Jones

Antanas Karklinis

Bordan Kmet

Leona Alvarez Kruger

Algidas Kutkevicius

Edward Martin Landy

Neville Roy Lewis

Charles Lonsborough

James Jack Love

Ronald Mackie

Anna Majczak

Ian Mcaskill

John McBride

Christopher Harry McDermott

Linda McKean

William McLaren

Charles McLeish

Maria Miskiw

Peter Moore

Yvonne Barbara Lillian Morris

Eugene Mullan

James Alexander Murray

John Murray

Patrick O'Brien

John Emanuel O'Hosi

Anthony O'Shea

John O'Sullivan

John Patrick O'Sullivan

John Christopher Pearson

Jan Podola

Constance May Richardson Pollitt

Mary Pylypenko

William Frank Quinn

Jaan Raudsepp

Joe Rooney

John Routledge

Elmenia Constantia Samuel

Brian Vivian Scott

Ronald Slater Sheriden

Linda Sims

Surjit Kumar Singh

Charles Smith

Elizabeth Smith

William Smith

Oswald Stewart

Robert Stinson

Marie Anne Svetovio

Stanislaw Szostak

Brenda Taylor

Eileen Taylor

William Thompson

John Todd

Sevasti Catherine Voulgaris

Luka Vukotic

May Watkinson

Luke Whelan

Irene Wilcox

Michael Joseph Williams

Richard Winfield

James Clark Wood

Salihu Ajadi


Joseph Zlobicki

John Arnold

Pauline Atha

Walte rBarker

Peter James Booth

Mary Butler

Nanette Dorothy Carter

Elaine Catton

Hilda Clarke

Graham Stuart Ellis

James Harry Ellis

Michael Anthony Fletcher

Joan Geldard

Philip Gilmour

Rachel Goodwin

John Lawrence Habshaw

Frank Ernest Dean Hammond

Philip James Hardy

Philip Hartley

Joseph Holdsworth

Irene Hudson

Eric Jackson

Jesse Woodson James

Susan Christine Jee

Linda Susan Khan

John Thomas Kirk

Elizabeth Lambert

Ethel Levine

Ernest Stockill Lofthouse

Anthony Mann

Evelyn Mawn

Michael Bernard Mullen

Patrick Murphy

Vera Robinson

David Anthony Shapley

David Andrew Smith

Mary Agnes Smith

Alice Maud Stanton

Peter Ronald Staples

Edna Walsh Taylor

Pearl Stafford Taylor

Cyril Thompson

William Flesher Wilson

Jenny Sarah Jane Winter

Dorothy Wood

Denis Rhodes

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