'This feels like a homecoming to me' - What to expect as Mel B returns to Leeds for intimate theatre show

Mel B said returning to Leeds 'feels like a homecoming' as she prepares for her show at the Leeds Grand Theatre on Sunday.

Tuesday, 20th August 2019, 9:08 am
Mel B new show

'Mel B's Brutally Honest and Fabulous Show' is set to take place on August 25th, with fans promised the truth on aspects throughout her life.

The Spice Girl said coming back to Leeds is a 'special experience'.

She said: "This feels like a homecoming to me, I can’t actually express what it feels like for me to be back in Leeds after everything I’ve been through and all the places I’ve lived in.

Mel B new show

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"I love being surrounded by my family, by Yorkshire accents - I never lost mine - and having Tetley Tea bags in my kitchen and I even love the rain."

The show will be the first time the fans will be able to get to see the intimate show after the Spice Girls didn't come to the city during their recent tour.

Mel B added: "The closest we came was Manchester for three nights so yes it’s a great opportunity for any of my fans just to be able to get on the bus or drive to the Leeds Grand Theatre.

"I think a few people might be coming up from different parts of the country to see me on my home turf. That feels great - like Leeds United playing at Elland Road."

Mel B was part of the Operatic Society at the Leeds Grand Theatre in her youth and auditioned for a part of the family in the Sound of Music.

She said the show will have 'an element of Spice Girls magic' but is about getting to know the 'real' Mel B in an intimate setting.

Mel B added: "This is more about getting to know the real me, it will be more intimate, my family will be involved, I will be taking questions from the audience.

"The thing they will have in common is that the point is to be uplifting and entertaining with a bit of education on the side about what I’ve learnt through my experience of an emotionally abusive marriage and how that has changed me as a woman, as a mum and as an advocate.

"You can expect to laugh, to cry and be surprised.

"I’m not going to say much more because it will be all about being there.

"It will be a roller-coaster ride so get ready to buckle up."

Mel B said there is a lot which people do not know about her.

She added: "People think of me as this loud mouthed, riotous Scary and that is part of me but there’s so much more.

"I think I’m very much a girl from Leeds whose wildest dreams came true but I went from living the dream to living a nightmare and it has taken me three years to get myself back to who I was.

"Being here in Leeds for the past few months has really helped in that process."

The audience will be allowed to ask any questions if they are prepared for 'honest answers', Mel B said.

The Spice Girl said she loves her fans and wouldn't be where she is without them.

She added: "They make me laugh, they make me happy and they make me feel I have an army at my back.

"I was so proud of my fans at the recent shows because so many came out in leopard print - men, women, kids and all representations of the LGBT world looking fabulous and fierce and I had someone go out in the crowd and take pictures and videos of all of them."

Mel B was tight-lipped on any special guests or celebrities appearing during the show.

She said the show would be 'very, very personal'.

Mel B added: "This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time to break down barriers between the audience and the so called star.

"We are all the same underneath everything with our hopes dreams fears and this is about celebrating that."