Daylight Stars offers free, inclusive activities at Leeds Kirkgate Market

Daylight Stars will be hosting free weekly activities in Leeds Kirkgate Market to help bring communities together.

The Pick ‘n’ Mix sessions offer a host of activities for people of all ages and abilities with the aim of combatting loneliness, bringing people together and getting people talking. The sessions run every Thursday until August 29 from 10.30am to noon in the market’s events space.

Daylight Stars was co-founded by Nichola Pemberton, from Leeds, after she became a mum.

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She said: “I found that the time my children most needed me was evening and night. But most of my social life - classes and art events - also happened in the evening so I lost access to them. I soon realised I wasn’t alone in this and that it wasn’t just parents with young children who struggled.

“There are people who have caring or parental responsibilities in the evening; those who rely on a carer who works for them during the day; people whose religious or cultural responsibilities mean they need things to happen during the day; those who feel safer attending activities during the day.”

With funding from the National Lottery Community Fund, Daylight Stars launched Pick ‘n’ Mix in February and have since helped people with screen printing and land-based synchronised swimming; they have built a paper world, made hats, animals and even just doodled.

Artist Jennyanne Smith is the project manager and coordinates the activities and other artists.

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She said: “We attract people from all over Leeds, of all ages, and many languages - it’s a genuine pleasure to see them all together just getting on with stuff.

“It’s not about the final piece – far from it - it’s about the process and the interaction, it’s about communication and sharing, it’s about people.”