Chris Kamara and Keith Lemon team up for Yorkshire Day podcast to encourage the nation to get more for its money

TV favourite Chris Kamara has launched a podcast to encourage fellow county men to be more straight talking in the run up to Yorkshire Day.

By Emma Ryan
Saturday, 31st July 2021, 11:45 am

The former Leeds United player and Bradford City manager turned tv football pundit has teamed up with broadband and telephone provider Plusnet, as well as a host of other famous Yorkshire faces, such as Keith Lemon and Charley Webster, to encourage Yorkshire folk, already known for being thrifty, to get more for their money.

He is calling on us to avoid what he has branded "embarrassment tax" as it has been revealed that Brits are wasting £50 billion a year in ‘embarrassment tax’ – as they feel too awkward to ask for what they want.

The podcast – called The Chris KaMOREa Podcast - launches on Yorkshire Day, August 1, to celebrate Yorkshire’s love for great value and urges Brits to get more out of everyday situations. To mark the occasion, Plusnet is launching its lowest-ever price for fibre broadband so the entire nation can enjoy great value, without having to ask for it.

Chris Kamara shares his money saving tips on a new podcast with Plusnet.

The star reveals how Brits could have a little more money in their pockets if they got over their well-known embarrassment and awkwardness, and said: “People need to take a leaf out of Yorkshire’s book when it comes to getting more bang for their buck. Being more direct, ditching the embarrassment and speaking up for what you want but with warmth and charm has got me where I am today. It’s these inherently Yorkshire traits that were instilled in me from a young age.”

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Keith Lemon’s tip was to shop for Christmas presents in-store but then go online to compare prices to find the best value deals. Simon Webbe said prepare for your weekly shop in advance - his mum helped him cut down his weekly shop from £400 to £60 and Charlie Webster’s tip was to always shop at the supermarket later on in the day and get the

best bargains in the reduced food section – she once got chicken and turkey steaks for 90p that lasted her for days.

Yorkshire hero Chris Kamara is inspiring Brits to be more thrifty.

It comes as new research from Yorkshire-based Plusnet reveals how Brits waste £50bn a year by failing to speak up about bad service, faulty products or asking for more for their money. This included £82 a year on failing to ask for a top up on a pint that has been underpoured, £79 by being short changed in a shop, and £108 a year buying a ticket for an event

that goes unused.

Twenty three per cent said they ‘feel too awkward’ to ask for more in everyday situations, while 34 per cent said ‘they never want to make a scene’ despite not being happy with the

service. In comparison, only 18 per cent of people from Yorkshire said they ‘feel too awkward’ to ask for more, with 38 per cent stating ‘nothing would stop me’ from speaking up or complaining about a situation. Research also found that Brits think people from Yorkshire are better at getting value for money because they are ‘thrifty’ and ‘direct’ but also ‘friendly’ and ‘warm’.

Kammy added: “I want to show the nation how to be more Yorkshire and to never accept anything less than great value. I loved sitting down to chat to our celebrity guests to find out situations where they have shied away from complaining or not getting what they paid for.”

Nick Silverwood, Head of Thriftiness at Plusnet, said: “We’re extremely proud of our Yorkshire roots and know how great Yorkshire people are at getting value for money. That’s why we want to encourage the nation to use Yorkshire Day as an excuse to expect more bang for their buck.

“Yorkshire Day has always been a big moment for us and what better way to celebrate than team up with a national treasure and proud Yorkshireman Chris Kamara on this podcast."