Chapel Allerton Mum says noisy play area is 'ruining' her quality of life

A woman said her quality of life has been "ruined" by the conversion of a tennis court into a 24-hour games area near her home.

Wednesday, 29th May 2019, 2:29 pm
Nigel Swan, and Janet Porter, of Pasture Lane, who would like to see changes done to the site or for it to be moved.

Mum-of-two Janet Porter was left "horrified" by a decision from the council to convert the site next to her home on Pasture Lane In Chapel Allerton around five years ago.

Since then, Janet said the games area at Chapel Allerton Park - which can be accessed by youngsters and adults both day and night - has caused havoc for residents.

Nigel Swan, and Janet Porter, of Pasture Lane, who would like to see changes done to the site or for it to be moved.

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Janet blames the council for converting the court without any consultation and has called on the court to be locked at a reasonable time at night to allow homeowners some peace.

She said residents have to tolerate the sound of young people swearing and playing loud music, plus the racket caused by footballs and basketballs crashing against the metal netting and backboards on the games area.

Janet said: "It's causing a great nuisance.

"They're not young kids, they're younger adults.

"You get masses of them.

"It's not their fault and I'm not blaming them, they've been sanctioned to do this.

"I can't sit and watch TV in my front room for the noise."

Janet said the games area is open 24 hours a day, never gets locked and has no signage to restrict late night usage.

She explained how she was "horrified" by the changes at the time of the conversion.

Janet added: "We saw them doing it and we wondered what was going on.

"I was horrified at the thought of a multi-games area. It's not the same [as the tennis courts] in practice.

"I took some little letters round to the neighbours and, at the time, one neighbour was frantic about it."

Janet lives with her partner Nigel who has been in the property for the past 30 years.

Nigel wrote a letter to the council at the end of April 2019 but Janet said the only response they has received is regarding signage which will be put up in the area.

She said: "It is intimidating to go over there to ask them to keep the noise down when they are in large groups.

"During the daytime, apart from the constant bang, bang, bang all the time as it crashes against the metal fencing, it can be intolerable.

"It's a sort of buzzing away in the park type of atmosphere, but it's when it gets late on.

"Certainly in the school holidays ad the summer, it gets worse."

Janet has had to call the neighbourhood policing team on a number of occasions when people are using the games area beyond 11pm.

She added: "The council needs to get a grip on this.

"They've just put it there with no consultation.

"I think it should be locked at certain times or should need booking like the tennis courts."

She said she had contacted Coun Jane Dowson, who had promised to look at whether signage could be put up.

She added: "Even with signs, it would be leaving it up to the residents to go over there. We shouldn't have to be policing it. It's ever so stressful.

"To me, the ideal solution would be to move that facility away from houses."

Janet said the council have left residents to prove the noise has been generated - instead prioritising the need for sports facilities over the impact on the quality of life for people living near the park.

She said: "I've got nothing against people having a good time and having their exercise, but you've got to consider the residents as well. There are other spaces that could be used. All the council has done is find somewhere that's cheap."

Leeds City Council and Coun Jane Dowson has been approached for comment.