Cartoon camps are coming to Leeds - Here's everything you need to know

Cartoon camps are coming to Leeds.
Cartoon camps are coming to Leeds.
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Pencils at the ready! Cartoon camps are coming to Leeds.

The Leeds cartoon camp is running from Monday, August 12, to Friday, August 16 at Donisthorpe Hall on Shadwell Lane in Leeds.

They are organised by Cartoon Kingdom, Australia’s largest cartooning company specialising in entertainment and children’s educational programmes.

It is run by Sydney-based Danny and Martin Cohen.

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Danny said: "The camps are not just for children that like to draw. Many of our loyal, long-term customers love all the fun, inclusive, challenging and exciting games.
Children are very imaginative. I love to watch their creative process as they express themselves in so many ways. I like to encourage children to make friends and it is wonderful to hear stories of friendships that have grown beyond the camps, long after I have returned to Australia."

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And their top tips on what to draw? "It’s always good to draw things that you are familiar with. I like to start with animals, pets, landscapes," said Danny. "When the children feel more confident, I do specific characters. As a part of my job I keep up to date with the latest movies, books, computer games and comics and take an active interest in what is current with the children."

The cost of the cartoon camps are split into three sessions - £20 for the short day (9.30am-3.30pm) £22 for the long day (8am-6pm); and £10 for the night camp (6pm-9pm).

* For booking details and more information on the Leeds Cartoon Camps visit: