Best boss in Leeds?: Carpentry business owner to give all staff Monday off after Euros final

A Leeds business owner has been praised across social media - after offering to give all of his staff Monday off following the Euros final.

Thursday, 8th July 2021, 11:45 am

Curtis Sidebottom, 26, and his brother Mason. 30, own CS CARPENTRY PROJECTS LTD based out of Pudsey.

The pair employ eight people - all of which will be given a paid holiday on Monday, the day after England's crunch match against Italy.

Speaking to the YEP, Curtis said he made his decision after speaking to a dad of one of his employees - who was in tears following the victory against Denmark.

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Curtis Sidebottom, 26, owns CS CARPENTRY PROJECTS LTD based out of Pudsey.
Curtis Sidebottom, 26, owns CS CARPENTRY PROJECTS LTD based out of Pudsey.

He said it was "only right" to offer his staff the day off on Monday - rather than "having everyone phone in sick" which was "inevitable".

Curtis said: "Last nights victory was well earned by the team.

"I think we made hard work of it in places and personally think we could’ve put a lot more in.

"I FaceTimed one of the worker's dads after the win and he was in tears and said we’ve not been in a major final since the 1960’s.

"I thought rather than have everyone phone in sick on Monday which no doubt win or lose is inevitable, me and my business partner thought as it’s something that’s not happened in a long time for England it’s only right to give the lads an extra days holiday on Monday."

His actions have seen him praised as the best boss in Leeds on social media.

One Leeds resident said: "You're a superstar!"

England fans are now 90 minutes away from seeing their national team win a major tournament for the first time in half a century

It was a night of mixed emotions for home fans, after Denmark took an unlikely lead only to concede an own goal equaliser 10 minutes later.

England fans outnumbered their Danish counterparts by six-to-one inside Wembley due to coronavirus-related travel restrictions.

So it was little surprise the majority of the 60,000 supporters roared as players embraced at the end of a gruelling extra-time period.

In pubs and fan zones, supporters lobbed several of the estimated 10 million pints bought on Wednesday into the air in celebration, while others removed their shirts, embraced strangers, or simply wept.

Many also sang, and it was no surprise the anthemic Three Lions and its familiar “It’s coming home” refrain reverberated around Wembley at the final whistle.

Fans released red-coloured smoke and sang as they swarmed out of the stadium following England’s win.