Baby Vinnie shares birthday with mum to keep Leeds family's tradition alive

When Leeds mum Clare Gill gave birth to a baby boy on her birthday she was delighted to be keeping a family tradition alive.

Clare's third son Vinnie George arrived four-days late on September 29 after she spent the day at home in Belle Isle celebrating her 35th birthday.

Clare and her family had also been celebrating with her parents Elizabeth and Neil Ogley, whose 46th wedding anniversary fell on that day.

Clare's mum Elizabeth was born prematurely weighing just 4lb on her mother Margaret Hood's 31st birthday on October 22 1951.

Clare Gill with son Vinnie. Picture: Tony Johnson

Clare didn't think history was going to repeat itself when it got past 9pm on her birthday, with no sign Vinnie was about to enter the world.

But at 9.30pm she started have contractions and husband Steven, 37, took her to LGI , where Vinnie was born at 11.31pm weighing 7lb 7oz.

Clare, who has two other sons Freddie, six, and Sonny, four, said: "It will be lovely to have a double birthday celebration with my boy, just like my mum did with her mum."

Clare, who works as a community investments manager for a national construction company, said her due date was September 25.

Clare Gill's mum Elizabeth pictured as a little girl at Bridlington with her mum Margaret Hood, who she shared her birthday with.

She said: "Everyone said he was going to be early because he was my third child, but he ended up being four days late.

"My mum was at my house looking after my other two and she couldn't believe that I had managed to get to hospital and pop him out before midnight.

"My boys went to bed as normal at 8pm that night and when they woke up the following morning the baby was here.

"They were overjoyed and are absolutely smitten with him."

Clare Gill's mum Elizabeth with her mum Margaret Hood sharing their last birthday together.

Clare, who was born on her parents' 11th wedding anniversary, added: "We were absolutely delighted. It's like a family tradition and it is so special to share your birthday with your child.

Clare's mum Elizabeth, 66, said: "We all thought Clare would give birth early but it seems Vinnie was was determined to wait for Clare's birthday.

"The chances of this happening must be slim. My husband and I are delighted at Vinnie's safe arrival and he will be a much-loved little boy, just like Freddie, Sonny and our other grandchildren."

Clare's mum Elizabeth and her mum Margaret Hood enjoyed a last birthday celebration together in October 2017 before Mrs Hood died aged 97 two months later in December of that year.

Clare Gill with baby Vinnie and with husband Steven and their two other sons Freddie aged six and Sonny, four Picture: Tony Johnson
Vinnie Gill Photo: Tony Johnson
Clare Gill with son Vinnie. Picture: Tony Johnson