30 pictures of lovable Leeds Labradors causing mischief - after being voted Kennel Club's 'naughtiest breed'

Labradors have been named one of the ‘naughtiest’ breeds of dogs and our readers have sent in proof of the breed’s cheeky energy.

The Kennel Club has named Labrador's as one of the naughtiest dog breeds due to their boundless amounts of energy.

Other dog breeds that topped the chart are Beagles, Shiba Inus and Jack Russell Terriers.

We asked out readers to share their favourite photos of their naughty pups with us and tell us all about their antics.

People sent in snaps of Labradors chewing up pillows, running around in gardens and just generally up to no good.

But not everyone agreed with the Kennel Club, we also got many photos of well behaved Labradors who owners refuse to believe that they are a ‘naughty breed’.

Click through this article to see the good and naughty dogs that belong to our readers – one thing is for sure, they are all adorable.

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