25 cute kittens and cats in urgent need of a home in Leeds

These 25 rescue cats in Leeds are in desperate need of a permanent, loving home.

Friday, 9th August 2019, 2:54 pm

Leeds Cat Rescue currently has several cats and kittens, some of which have had tragic backgrounds, ranging from under six months to over one year old. These are all the kittens and cats currently up for adoption.

Rosa is a very mild mannered young lady, who likes her own company. Rosa will need plenty of time and company from her new family and she'll repay them with fun, play time and lots of cuddles.
Faye and Grub are an unrelated bonded pair. Faye was hand reared with her siblings and as such turned into a very sweet, affectionate and kind natured kitten. Just like Faye, Grub has grown into a wonderful little personality.
This very close brother and sister pair came into Leeds Cat Rescue care as abandoned kittens. Both kittens are wonderful and will be a truly fantastic addition to any home that can offer them the love, time and attention that they deserve.

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Alfie and Ada are a very sweet pair with lots of fun to be had, and are suited to loving and attentive homes.
A gorgeous pair who are fun, sweet and who will be a great addition to a secure and loving home.
Pintzo and Mitzy are really sweet natured pair, who are suited to homes that can offer them plenty of love, security and lots of playtime.
Rosie and Harry are a fantastic brother and sister, who have great personalities and are very sociable and playful. They will fit into a loving and secure home.
These two sisters are very sweet and will be a great addition to most homes. They are best suited to a child-free home without young kids.
This is brother and sister pair are lovely natured and sweet kittens who are bold and confident and will suit loving and attentive homes.
This brother and sister are very sweet natured. Basil is very inquisitive and likes a cuddle. Honey is a bit more cautious of strangers, but with a bit of time she soon bonds with new people.
Sweetie has taken a long time to learn to trust people and will need time and patience from an experienced cat person. Sweetie is very sweet natured and would love a home with other cats, as she enjoys feline company.
Isabella is very sweet natured and is extremely affectionate. She loves to be close to her humans. She is tolerant of other cats so could be introduced to a home with existing friendly cats or as an only cat.
Gigi took a long time to build up her confidence in her foster home and is still a bit jumpy but is a very sweet, affectionate and friendly little cat that just wants a quiet life. She will thrive in an adult-only home.
Dorothy is a very sweet natured cat who loves fuss and attention. She is initially shy of strangers, but this is short lived and she'll soon bond and be a great companion or addition to a loving home.
Winnie needs an experienced home, where she will be given plenty of time and patience and will be allowed to gain confidence at her own pace. She will settle with other cats if they're friendly and will allow her to blossom.
Gerald is a beautiful cat looking for his forever home.