10 things you said about...Morrisons to trial cashless store with no workers

You reacted to the news that Morrisons are set to trial cashless stores with no workers.

Tuesday, 20th July 2021, 4:37 pm
Morrisons is set to trial a store with no workers.

A majority of readers weren't very happy at the news that Morrisons are considering running their stores with no workers.

Here is what you said:

Josephine Mary Smith - "Going to Sainsbury's then."

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Margot Thompson - "Walmart in AMerica have just launched shops with no till staff. Unfortunately where they lead, we follow."

Julie Taylor - "I go to my local Morrisons because of the friendly staff on the tills, we are human, this is a step too far."

Peter Crawshaw - "Ever since the first self scan appeared you could see this was their long term plan."

Ann Platts - "I NEVER even use the self service tills as I like to keep someone in a job. I would just stop shopping in Morrisons."

Rick Morrell - "So if the store has no workers how do the goods get on the shelves?"

Paul Spencer - "Where are all the people going to work when all shops do this?"

Ruth Hancock - "Anyone seen Years and Years on BBC? Scarily accurate predictions and totally plausible scenarios - including this."

Helene Marchant - "Urm no! Why would you want to take jobs from people?"

Steve Badland - "A cashless society is not the future. Having no staff on shift is also just plain daft."

Would you still shop at Morrisons if this happened?