10 things you said about... Yorkshire's own James Newman scores nil points at Eurovision

Yorkshire's own James Newman.Yorkshire's own James Newman.
Yorkshire's own James Newman.
Yorkshire's own James Newman came last in the competition with nil points.

It was another terrible year for UK in the Eurovision, after coming last for the second consecutive time. The UK haven't won the competition in 24 years.

Here is what you said:

Michaal Hole - "Nice bloke, rubbish song!"

Ryan Upton - "We need to change genre to rock or metal like Bring Me The Horizon or other bands for Eurovision."

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Trevor Haynes - "Think we should not bother entering it no more they have no time for England now."

Joanne Morley - "Just a waste of our money and time to pull out now!"

Lynne Stevens - "No way he deserved that. There were far worse songs just off the top of my head - Germany, Spain, Ukraine, Russia and quite a few more."

Janice White - "Was a good song, get it to number one."

Melinda Jane Thompson - "Sad but he never stood a chance even if we had Ed Sheeran or Adele we wouldn't win."

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David Gregory - "Must be one of the worst entries we've had, no surprise to me."

Frank Stansfield - "If we put the Rolling Stones in next year or Pink Floyd they would still come last."

Charles Gwaze - "Independence for Yorkshire He would have won had he entered as representing Yorkshire!"

What are your thoughts on Eurovision? Do you think it is a waste of time for the UK?

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