10 things you said about YEP's brilliant photograph of cricket match in Harehills backstreet

A YEP photographer captured a brilliant scene of a group of lads playing cricket in a Harehills backstreet.

Monday, 3rd May 2021, 4:45 pm
YEP photographer Tony Johnson's shot captures a street cricket match in Harehills in full swing

The photo received hundreds of comments reacting to the photo - taken by Tony Johnson.

Here is what you said:

Ken Quinn - "This takes me back to the days when we played outside, no matter what the weather. No electronic games then."

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Paul Hinks - "It's great to see this kind of thing and yeah you don't see if often, too many kids sat behind TV screen/phone screens nowdays!"

Paul Wright - "I've got some stumps I will donate to these guys!"

Johnie Paterson - "Did this for hours as a kid!"

Goldie Singh - "Can't beat a bit of street cricket... we played until it was dark taking tea (Roti) then back out for the second innings!"

John Wilkinson - "I remember the days of playing cricket on Potternewton Park!! Great times."

Adam Lynch - "This is excellent and where sports began. At people's homes. Brilliant!"

Gavin Hawdon - "Looks like that lad has a decent bowling action!"

Martin Varley - "Three gardens and you're out."

Keith Harrison - "Brilliant, well done photographer and of course the kids!"