10 things you said about... was the BBC's coverage of Prince Philip's death justified?

The BBC cancelled all their shows on the day of Prince Philip's death.

Wednesday, 14th April 2021, 4:45 pm
PIC: Steve Race

The BBC received over 100,000 complaints over its coverage of Prince Philip's death - a record in British TV history.

The BBC's scheduling for Friday was completely cleared and the broadcaster eventually had to set up a dedicated webpage for viewers to dislodge their dissatisfaction.

So was their coverage of his death justified?

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Here is what you think:

Tony Moody - "Should have just been on BBC One, not the same thing on both channels."

Georgina Nuttall - "It doesn't matter if it was justified, its protocol with royal deaths."

Joanna Wilderspin - "No. They should have had a balance of programmes."

Bernard Goddard - "Yes, of course. Our Monarchy are a much loved institution and deserve our respect."

Dave Jowsey - "Yes, on one channel, but what was the point of exactly the same coverage on BBC Two as well?"

Debra Thomas - "Yes... people didn't miss much, most of it should have been cancelled a long time ago!"

Terry Davies - "One day of respect will hurt no one."

Ian Macfadyen - "I doubt it was the BBC's decision."

Jo Marsden - "It was ONE day, in respect of the greatest consort this country and our monarchy have ever had!"

Angela Wainright - "I think because it was the same footage over and over on most channels, it was not really necessary."

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