10 things you said about... viewers criticise BBC's live coverage after Christian Eriksen received CPR on pitch

Our readers reacted to criticism of the BBC after Eriksen collapsed and received CPR on the pitch.

Players wait on the pitch as Eriksen receives treatment. (Stuart Franklin/Getty Images)
Players wait on the pitch as Eriksen receives treatment. (Stuart Franklin/Getty Images)

During Denmark's Euro opener against Finland on Saturday Christian Eriksen collapsed and received CPR whilst on the pitch.

As the Denmark players formed a barrier around Eriksen and the medics, BBC continued to show coverage of the former Spurs midfielder as he received CPR.

Many viewers were quick to criticise the BBC.

Here are 10 things you said:

David Myers - "There was a lot to be impressed with in the footage, the reaction of the officials and players, the medics."

Anne Gotzhein - "No it was correct to show how fast intervention can save a life."

Sylvia Scott - "The cameras are to record what happens, this poor guy was taken ill, but the cameras roll. We shouldn’t be offended."

Phil Clayson - "As soon as I saw the cpr being performed I switched off. God bless Eriksen."

Katie Goring - "They could have cut to studio to keep us up to date on happenings out of respect for Christian and his family."

Chris Buckley - "Of course it was too much. They should have cut to the studio way before they did."

Daniel Craig Humphrey - "Not at all they should have showed it all. We got to see real heroes at work."

Emily Brunt - "Was in shock for a bit so it didn’t sink in what was happening at first I am assuming the same with the camera operator!!"

Matthew Halloran - "Look at the end of the day he is okay and recovering well. That’s the main thing."

Daniel Stephenson - "BBC didn’t control the footage, it was UEFA. They did what they could."

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Christian Eriksen, his family and the whole Denmark squad.