10 things you said about... should the compulsory TV licence be scrapped?

Calls have been made for reform of the BBC in the aftermath of the Princess Diana Martin Bashir interview scandal.

Wednesday, 26th May 2021, 4:49 pm
Updated Wednesday, 26th May 2021, 4:50 pm
Should the BBC TV licence be scrapped?

The BBC is funded by a licence that households across the UK are required to pay by law for watching television, as well as streaming on demand programme services.

So do you think the TV licence should be scrapped?

Here is what you said:

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Norman Bell - "The BBC should be brought into the real world and have to be self financing."

Mary Briggs - "Yes and if they wont scrap it then make their channels subscription only."

Neleh Thirf - "Doesn't bother me, great programmes and news coverage all ad free."

Pauline Gorman - "It most certainly should be scrapped... nothing worth watching on BBC, everything is repeated or donkeys years old!"

Susan Farrar - "Yes definitely, we are paying to watch the same things over and over again."

Lynn Metcalfe - "Pensioners shouldn't have to pay, to some of them its the only company or voices they hear."

Brian Clamp - "Yes it should be abolished. A lot of money for very poor returns."

Paul Spencer - "They are playing repeats of 1970s sitcoms on prime time evening slots, why should anyone pay for that?"

Robert Thompson - "NO, not if the alternative is sitting through endless interruptions of adverts for products I have no intention of buying!"

Rhonda Holderness - "Maybe not scrapped but not as expensive!!!"

What do you think?