10 things you said about... should smoking be banned outside pubs, restaurants and cafes?

We asked you if you think that smoking should be banned outside Leeds' pubs, restaurants and cafes.

By Molly Burke
Thursday, 3rd June 2021, 5:02 pm
Updated Thursday, 3rd June 2021, 5:04 pm
Photo: Rob Pinney/Getty Images
Photo: Rob Pinney/Getty Images

Five local authorities have already banned smoking on pavements where pubs, restaurants and cafes have outdoor seating.

Should Leeds follow suit? This is what you said:

Riggy Leeds - "No, it's a public space and smoking outside is legal. It's the first step to privatising pavements if a business has more rights over them."

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Sarah Myers - "Perhaps designated areas, but I don't like the smoking directly outside the doors as it is off-putting to walk in/out."

Andrew Zabielski - "I'm not in support of smoking - I don't smoke myself - but smokers have to smoke somewhere."

Patricia Bettison - "Another reason people won't go to the pub and more pubs will start to close."

Irck Yeletag - "I'm a non smoker, but you can't enforce this."

Wendy Woo - "Yes please. No point in a smoking area right outside the open door/windows."

Mick Linley - "Yes should be banned everywhere."

Jonluke Cressey - "Nope it's outside so doesn't make a difference."

Linda Knott - "Absolutely, should only be allowed to smoke on your own land."

Tanya Hepton - "People will just go over the road from the pub which will cause greater issues than just allowing them to smoke outside the pub."

What are your thoughts on the potential ban?