10 things you said about... should ID be required to create a social media account?

We asked you whether you think ID should be required for you to create a social media account.

Thursday, 15th July 2021, 4:45 pm
Marcus Rashford, Bukayo Saka and Jadon Sancho all received racial abuse following the Euro 2020 Final after they each missed their penalty. (Photo by John Sibley - Pool/Getty Images)

Following the horrible racist abuse towards members of the England squad after they lost to Italy in the Euro 2020 Final on penalties, there has been calls for the likes of Facebook and Twitter to introduce stricter rules when creating accounts.

There has been plenty of debate as to whether you should be required to show ID when creating social media accounts, so any cyber bullies can be easily tracked.

Here is what you said:

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Michelle Holt - "NO WAY. Don't they have enough info on us? And when your account gets hacked you're more vulnerable than ever."

Dee Dixon - "Yes, you do it for all other agencies."

Ian Huddlestone - "For sure - only way we can try stop the hate and freedom in which people feel it's ok to abuse another human."

Sandra Brown - "Yes and if you don't want to you have something to hide or doing something that's wrong."

Shakin Miah - ""Let them put the address on before making any social media."

Katie Goring - "I'd share my details cause I don't have anything to hide, although I don't know if this would open other cans of worms."

Siobhan Joanne Darwell - "The ability to communicate anonymously is really important for those seeking support for sensitive subjects."

Mark Jones - "It should have been compulsory from day one of these sites opening up and should have been demanded by the government."

Mark Wright - "Don't see why they can't use some forms of ID then immediately delete the copies once verification is proven."

Kerry Anderson - No one under the age of 16 should be able to have a scoial media account and then to open you must provide photo ID."

What are your thoughts?