10 things you said about... senior councillor calls for end to 'Right to Buy' council house purchase scheme

Hundreds of households are having to bid against each other for Leeds' remaining council houses.

Thursday, 27th May 2021, 5:09 pm
Stocks of council housing in Leeds have reduced by nearly 5,000 since 2006.

New figures published by Leeds City Council have led to one of its senior members to call for the abolition of the ‘Right to Buy’ council house purchase scheme.

Here is what you said:

Den Brook - "Build more council houses and not private... simple!"

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Ian Ward - "No... the way things are it's only the only way to get on the property ladder... STOP landlords buying them up though somehow."

Jason Robinson - "The council should be reinvesting the money from home sales into new properties, not going to the central government."

David Fred Thorp - "How about giving more housing to hard working low income families then use the rent money to build more?"

Joe Nash - "Build more and ban landlords from buying any."

Shelley McGrath - "How about build more council housing with the funds they make from right to buy?"

Craig New - "How about giving first time buyers a 100% mortgage? People can't save for the deposit because of high rent prices."

Jamerson Mitchell - "Council should be building more houses since 2006."

Matthew Williamson - "We need rent then the housing market will be more stable for new buyers and won't drive people away from the city."

Jacqueline Bell - "Council should build new houses with money from right to buy then produce more housing."