10 things you said about... schools to sing 'One Britain One Nation' song

The government have backed the 'One Britain One Nation' campaign set up by a former Yorkshire police officer.

Wednesday, 23rd June 2021, 4:45 pm
OBON event in 2016

One Britain One Nation Day is set to be celebrated in schools on Friday with the singing of a patriotic song that has divided opinion.

Here is what you said:

Michael James McAndrew - "I think schools should sing The National Anthem and also have the union flag in each classroom."

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Mark Jones - "For what reason? Never sang anything when I was at school."

Helen Treloar - "Rubbish idea."

Denise Greenwood Golden - "Every school should be flying the union jack and singing the national anthem in assembly."

@metrhino - "We've got a national anthem, sing that instead."

Dot Dot Whitaker - "All for it."

Helen Rhodes - "Completely unnecessary and divisive."

Stephen Sadler - "Political indoctrination like in China and North Korea."

Sylvia Scott - "Why sing anything at all...?"

What are your thoughts on the song?