10 things you said about... schools to sing 'One Britain One Nation' song

OBON event in 2016OBON event in 2016
OBON event in 2016
The government have backed the 'One Britain One Nation' campaign set up by a former Yorkshire police officer.

One Britain One Nation Day is set to be celebrated in schools on Friday with the singing of a patriotic song that has divided opinion.

Here is what you said:

Michael James McAndrew - "I think schools should sing The National Anthem and also have the union flag in each classroom."

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Mark Jones - "For what reason? Never sang anything when I was at school."

Helen Treloar - "Rubbish idea."

Denise Greenwood Golden - "Every school should be flying the union jack and singing the national anthem in assembly."

@metrhino - "We've got a national anthem, sing that instead."

Dot Dot Whitaker - "All for it."

Helen Rhodes - "Completely unnecessary and divisive."

Stephen Sadler - "Political indoctrination like in China and North Korea."

Sylvia Scott - "Why sing anything at all...?"

What are your thoughts on the song?

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