10 things you said about... NHS staff protest against 'disgusting' one per cent pay rise

Here are 10 things you said about the protest.

Monday, 5th July 2021, 4:55 pm
Updated Monday, 5th July 2021, 4:56 pm
NHS staff protested in Millennium Square on Saturday.

NHS staff and supporters gathered in Millennium Square over the weekend to rally against the privatisation of the NHS, call for safe staffing levels, and ask for a restorative pay rise of 15 per cent.

Here is how you reacted:

Lucy Turnbull - "Personally they should get more after this bad pandemic."

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Abbie Boyd - "I agree they deserve more but 15 per cent is just not realistic, maybe 5/10 per cent?"

Rebecca Peters - "15% please Rishi!"

Stephen Brewer - "Lots of people have had a pay decrease too to keep their jobs."

Rowan Bew - "I feel for the health workers, they never get a mention."

Christine Kearsley - "I think it's an insult after all the hard work they do."

Baz Hainsworth - "It's an insult when the MPs have recently voted two pay rises of 10% and 11% for themselves."

Jeffæs Ævintýri - "Why don't people who work in crisis childcare get paid more? They work far longer shifts than the average NHS worker."

Angela Morris - "Bet MPs give themselves more than a 1% pay rise. Perhaps they could give up their pay rise and it be used for the NHS."

Jez Thomas - "Healthcare workers in Belgium are getting a 6% deal, and they weren't as badly paid as British healthcare workers in the first place."