10 things you said about... LBA announces new British Airways and EasyJet flights to Belfast

LBA passengers will be able to fly to Belfast again after both British Airways and EasyJet announced they would start flights to Northern Ireland.

By Molly Burke
Monday, 21st June 2021, 4:42 pm
Updated Monday, 21st June 2021, 4:44 pm
Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA).
Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA).

The move marks a return to LBA from BA after they cut their Heathrow route last year, and will start "over the next few months".

Here is how you reacted:

Mike Sharma - "We're a big city, we need a big airport, it will make us all richer and bring in investment. About time."

John Wood - "Do you live in yeadon on the flight path? You might think differently."

Brendon Bremner Sullivan - "Can BA bring the London link back too?"

Orlagh Handford - "This is the best news! Leeds>Belfast intl!!!!"

Lindsey Bell - "And this is why a new airport terminal and Parkway Rail Station is needed! Leeds will always be a major hub in the north."

Amanda Ranby - "This is great news hopefully. Direct flights from Canada to Leeds Bradford Airport would be nice again."

Carl Vale - "Only thing wrong with LBA is a lack of a viewing gallery for plane spotters."

Yasmin Darnbrough - "EasyJet is going to go to the international so that is better news. So now the options have opened again."

Carl Vale - "How about BA aim to support business and tourism links to the rest of the UK by reinstating flights from LBA to London Heathrow?"

Kathryn Denvir - "This is amazing news! What a stress this first time home will be but this news means the next ones will be much easier."

Does the reintroduction of flights to Belfast from LBA affect you? Do you wish they would bring back the flights to London Heathrow?!