10 things you said about... Did you feel safe visiting indoor pubs and restaurants over the weekend?

The past weekend was the first weekend we were allowed back inside pubs and restaurants with our friends and families.

Tuesday, 25th May 2021, 4:55 pm
Whitelock's, Leeds.

Many pubs, bars and restaurants were fully booked over the weekend as friends and family gathered for a pint or a meal.

But how safe did you feel? Here is what you said:

Lisa Clee - "Not been in but yeah, I'd feel very safe. Tbf they have always been safe with all the measures they have to take."

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John Ross - "Wouldn't go in if I didn't feel safe, but the prices will stop a lot of people going in, rip off some pubs."

Claire Mosby - "Working in one of them so no choice but it's safe as long as everyone remembers it's not our rules it's the governments!"

Chris Gough - "Went out for dinner Saturday and even though the restaurant was busy they kept to social distance and everyone wore masks."

Nick Dimou - "It's safer to get in a restaurant or a pub than gather in homes. Hospitality is the safest place at the moment."

Michael Fawley - "Yes, everyone seems to be following government advice."

Clancy Walker - "Yes, very safe. It was great to be back inside and enjoying great food and drink with great service."

Hazel Marshall - "Wouldn't even think about going to a pub or restaurant."

Mark Ingham - "Brownlee Arms, Calverley Arms and Fino in Wakefield, all great. Don't be put off, these places need our custom."

Ben Marriott - "It was great to be out again and seeing lots of people not seen for a while."

How well organised and socially distanced was your local pub over the weekend?