Outrage as planes carrying pro-Brexit banner fly over Jo Cox memorial

PLANES carrying a banner displaying the slogan '˜vote leave, take back control' have flown over a memorial service taking place for Jo Cox in Trafalgar Square, prompting outrage on social media.

The plane carrying a banner with the word ‘Leave’ emblazoned on it swooped overhead as crowds gathered in London’s Trafalgar Square for the rally in tribute to the MP, who was killed last week.

Onlookers reportedly muttered that the stunt was “disgusting” as the plane repeatedly swooped overhead as Mrs Cox’s husband Brendan paid tribute to his wife on the stage below.

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A spokesman for the official Vote Leave campaign denied it was its plane.

People took to social media to condemn the incident.

On Twitter, Anna Yearley (@AnnaYearley) wrote: “To the people flying the Vote Leave plane over Trafalgar Square during Brendan and Kim’s speeches about Jo:you absolute total utter disgrace.”

Labour MP Stella Creasy (@stellacreasy) posted: “flying your plane over the memorial tribute to Jo Cox in Trafalgar Square is beyond low. Have some self respect and disappear!”

Simon Lancaster (@bespokespeeches) wrote: “Moving tribute to Jo Cox at Trafalgar Square and the Brexiteers fly a plane over in the middle of Lily Allen singing. Dumb.”